Friday, 15 June 2012

June Workshop: Day 5

On the 5th day of the event we went back to the pool. We had some inspiration shots that we wanted to recreate. We worked with a nice classic makeup look. Laura was first up lying at the pool.

The sun was high up and created a nice light while lying down, Moritz set up one soft box to soften some shadows. After a number of lying down shots, Laura went into the pool for some swimming shots as well as some hair flicks with wet hair.

Next model up was Jackie, once again we had a similar look with her lying down as well as a few sitting shots.

Last up was Alycia. To change the look we took her to a different part of the villa for some swimwear shots on the stairs. The strong light and shadows were ideal for some black and white shots. From the stairs we then went to shoot against a wall as well as lying down and shooting from above which again worked very well in black and white.

June Workshop: Day 4

On day 4 of the event, we focused on shooting beauty. During the previous three days, photographers had shot a little beauty, and closer face shots, but it is important to learn how to photograph hair and makeup in more depth if you want to get into fashion and advertising photography.

Makeup artist Roseanna, got really creative on this shoot and produced more avant-garde makeup designs using Illamasqua makeup. We shot these looks indoors, under studio lights. Using one soft box and one side light with a blue colour gel. Some of the makeup designs almost looked 'alien'... check out these two of Jackie and Laura below...

June Workshop: Day 3

On the third day of the workshop, we still had some of Kate Fearnley's dresses to shoot. We decided this time to shoot them on location - the beach!
Roseanna (makeup artist) got the models ready, keeping the makeup to a similar style as the previous day, bold and bright.

The dresses worked well against the natural and dramatic landscapes.

After the shoot we headed back for lunch and a few drinks and looked over the shots. Julian gave advice about retouching
and demonstrated a few techniques.

Later on in the evening, Thomas wanted to book Alyesha for a shoot back on the beach. He wanted to experiment with black and white photography, also using natural light. Roseanna created a high fashion makeup, with lots of contouring and dramatic eyes.
Moritz assisted Thomas on the shoot, and time was limited due to the light so we had to know what we wanted and exactly how to shoot it.
There is a beautiful atmosphere on the beach at night - and here's one of our favourite shots!

June Workshop: Day 2

On day 2, UK based fashion designer Kate Fearnley arrived with a collection of dresses especially designed for the event.
The dresses were bold and vibrant and slightly 50's inspired with the structure and silhouette which worked well with the location and so we decided to shoot them outside by the pool. Here are a couple of shots of the makeup looks created by Roseanna, using Illamasqua makeup:

Here are a couple of Kate's best shots:

Later on in the day, Thomas booked Laura for a beauty shoot -  Laura had an interesting collection of scarfs and so we decided to use this as the main theme for the shoot, and Roseanna created a glamorous Arabic style makeup look to go with it. Moritz helped Thomas set up the lighting and used one soft box to create gentle, soft shadows and highlights. We also shot the look outdoors, for a different feel, just using natural light:

June Workshop: Day 1

So it was 8am and the morning of the first workshop, students Eman and Thomas arrived from Malta and Ohio.
The creative team and models had already arrived the day before and included London based models Laura Cherry, Jackie Boonnam and Alycia Blackman, fashion and action photographer Moritz Stragholz and internationally published makeup artist & hair stylist Roseanna Velin.

Roseanna and Julian were especially excited to meet each other and work together, after being in touch and following each others work for several years.

After all the hellos and introductions, we got stuck in with the first shoot.
The team looked through clothes and accessories to decide on the first look.
Lingerie model Alycia was first up, she wore a leather fashion harness and dramatic makeup.

We shot this look indoors against a sandstone wall with a two way diagonal 45 degree lighting set up and reflector... and the results were pretty intense! 
Check out the student gallery to see the final shots.

Next up was Jackie, we decided to go for a more classic style fashion image. Makeup and clothing was kept quite minimal but still glamorous looking to create an image with a luxurious holiday feel to it...

After dinner, Thomas booked Jackie for a personal shoot. He wanted to shoot a fashion story, set at night by the pool. It stays pretty light here on the evenings, until around 8pm when the light starts to drop.

Whilst Jackie was in hair and makeup, Moritz helped with the lighting set up and Julian taught Thomas about fashion stories and giving direction to the model.

Images from Thomas' fashion story coming soon!


We are a team of passionate fashion creatives who have come together to launch the most inspiring fashion photography events in Europe.

We decided to get away from the big city - and run our events in the
heart of the Mediterranean sea. This way we get the best of both worlds:
a wealth of our collective expertise and knowledge combined with a
stimulating yet easy going Mediterranean environment.

We chose a hot stop in the sun - a Mediterranean villa overlooking
unspoilt farmland and the sea, just minutes away from the beach. The
villa became the location for our fashion holiday workshops which
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We invite photographers who are equally as passionate, whether just
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